Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's my hubby's birthday today, so I will bake him chocolate cake tonight and throw a party for him tomorrow night. He's lost at least 15 pounds since this photo was taken last year and looking more like the braw laddie I married 24 years ago. We are celebrating our 25 year anniversary this year and will first take a trip to the Florida beach this month for the honeymoon we didn't get years ago. We are planning on renewing our vows this year at the Glasgow, KY highland games with our Clan Donald family. We are also going to Vegas with the church friends next month. I wanted to get some of my bucket list taken care of before we both get too old to move off our new couch with recliners at both ends. It has brought us back together in the same room watching tv and playing on our laptops. We'll see if it survives the party tomorrow. The last party we had the couch got broken in the middle of a game of catch phrase. lol My chest hurt from laughing so much! We'll see if this party is tamer.

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