Tuesday, March 13, 2012

 The old dried seed pod is still on the rose of sharon bush while the forsythia is blooming a sunshiny yellow and brightening up my back yard. This is causing my spring fever to break out, along with the anticipation of the trip to a white sandy beach in Florida in a few weeks. I can sing for joy today for the renewal of life the buds on the lilac promise as well as the red peony buds showing up under the dry stalks of last years foliage. The daffodils are almotst done and the pink hyacinths are blooming except for the one the squirrels bit off. Pesky rodents, running across the roof when I'm trying to sleep. That's what I get for having two huge oak trees in the front yard. The mourning dove is sitting on the window sill singing their song, just like they did at Grandma's house when I was a kid. They are a new addition to the yard this year. I may have to get another cat. I'm busy painting today, a picture of a country road with the prodigal son coming home. The show deadline is fast approaching, so everything else takes a backseat to this priority for now. The tulip trees are calling me to take photos before a frost turns them brown. Soon, I'll get out there and play.

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